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Supplier Diversity Statement

At Loomis, we recognize the value that diversity brings to our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. That’s why wherever possible, we look to partner with, grow, and develop inclusive and sustainable businesses within our supplier base.

The criteria used by Loomis’s Procurement Group to select diverse suppliers are the same that are used to select all suppliers. We will only work with qualified suppliers who share Loomis’s core values and business standards, and who are committed to deliver quality goods and services safely and responsibly, competitively priced, on time and within budget, and at levels that meets or exceed our expectations. 

We aim to build a company where inclusiveness, fairness and diversity is at the heart of our business. Our commitment to supplier diversity reinforces our core values while visibly demonstrating our support for equal business opportunity. We encourage our employees to support these efforts and ensure that diverse suppliers have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for our business.

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