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Customer Testimonials

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The implementation of SafePoint at 350 Taco Bell restaurants decreased incidents of theft and improved employee safety. Managers gained time to focus on business rather than counting cash and making bank runs.

Whataburger restaurants were experiencing repetitive break-ins and operational burdens before Loomis stepped in. SafePoint significantly reduced burglary incidents and managers were able to save up to 40 hours a week to focus on improving operations.


Burlington Logo

Everyone is super pleasant and helpful with all of our questions. Great customer service, great communication, and willingness to help.

Melissa C.

Procurement Specialist at Burlington

TravelCenters of America Logo

We don't have dedicated service representatives at other carriers like we do with Loomis. At Loomis we have two.

Gayle Z.

Sr. Treasury Analyst at TravelCenters of America

Verizon Logo

I love the Loomis Direct Portal; it is one of the best out there. I am able to track and see what deposits have been picked up and relay that to our treasury team. This makes a real difference for us. Plus, I get a personalized feel as if I am their only customer.

Pete T.

at Verizon

event network logo

There is a personal touch with Loomis. Unlike other couriers, we don't have a generic customer service team that requests are routed through. Because we have a dedicated representative, there is less time wasted on our end. Our requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

Carlo O.

Cash Management Accountant at Event Network, LLC

Home Depot logo

Loomis service teams are top notch. When issues do arise, they work quickly to resolve the issue instead of pointing fingers.

Chappelle C.

Manager, Asset Protection at Home Depot

Barnes & Noble Education logo

Shifts in tender made CIT cost prohibitive at some of our locations. Loomis partnered with us to provide bi-weekly and on call options that work better for our business.

Joe L.

Assistant Treasurer – Director at Barnes & Noble Education

Barnes & Noble Logo

Loomis is not always the cheapest. However, they provide great service. I rarely miss service days with Loomis, and if a store is going to miss a service day due to an unforeseen issue, our direct contacts let me know so I can relay this to the store. This is incredibly helpful that the store knows in advance so they can make other arrangements.

Samantha D.

Cash Management Analyst at Barnes & Noble Books

Food Lion Logo

Our stores are aware that Loomis is willing to step up whenever issues arise. Normally when a pick-up/delivery is missed, Loomis provides service ASAP. Loomis is there for their customers and takes concerns seriously.

Sheri D.

Finance Supervisor at Food Lion

Lowe's Logo

Loomis is a key business partner to Lowe’s. Loomis provides transport of cash in transit between bank vaults and the Lowe’s stores. This includes deposits and change orders. By providing this service, Lowe’s associates can spend more time facing customers. It also reduces risk. Loomis does this through service efficacy, high touch customer service and relationship management, high reliability, effective online portal experience, and timely response to incidents as they arise.

Jon K.

Sr. Treasury Analyst at Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

GAP logo

Our partnership with Loomis is seamless. Operations are smooth, and when something is supposed to happen, whether it be a pickup, a delivery, or some other form of service, it happens. We don't spend a lot of time chasing issues or working on resolutions since there are so few issues that arise. That peace of mind and trust that things are going the way they should be is really important to us.

Michael M.

Revenue Accounting Manager at The Gap

C & R Management logo

Missed pick-ups were a challenge, we could never get other carriers to pick up or respond. Loomis responds within a few hours or even sooner and gets it done. 

Denise N.

Office Manager at C&R Management Company

EG America Logo

We have had excellent service from our contacts at Loomis overall. Our store personnel spend less time dealing with problems and more time with our customers.

Marc R.

Assistant Treasurer at EG America

Desert De Oro Foods Inc Logo

Having the Loomis smart safes allows us to have cash control and viewability that is only one day old. We don't have to wait on the bank deposit or other methods that take longer.

Melinda K.

Accounting Specialist Lead at Desert De Oro

Papa Johns Logo

Before partnering with Loomis, our restaurant chain encountered significant challenges in cash handling. Security concerns loomed large, especially during cash transportation and storage, leading to heightened risks of theft. Loomis provided invaluable expertise and guidance, helping us optimize procedures and enhance security measures, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and peace of mind for our restaurant chain.

Amy Anne T.

Sr. Director of Treasury at Papa John’s

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