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Potential for Civil Unrest Around Presidential Inauguration

Jan 14, 2021

As the nation nears the inauguration of a new President, Law Enforcement agencies anticipate the potential of civil unrest in Washington DC and at state capitals throughout the United States. Loomis’ risk management team monitors credible information outlets to stay abreast of planned protest activities that could potentially disrupt our ability to provide service to our customers.

Our Business Continuity planning includes adjusting routes to account for road closures, and increasing crew complements where necessary, and mitigate potential exposures towards our teammates. Our crews are continually trained on how to react to situations where there is civil unrest.

We ask that our customers inform us of any changes to their scheduled service or if your location is impacted in any way that will hinder our ability to perform our services. In the event we are not able to provide normally scheduled service, Loomis will promptly notify the affected customers and initiate a BCP alert through our online communication portal.

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